Wednesday , July 18th 2018
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Use Smoothies to loose Weight comfortably

Use Smoothies to loose Weight comfortably

Use Smoothies to loose Weight comfortably

Green smoothies are already an integral part of daily nutrition for many health-conscious people – and green vitamin bombs are also an issue for those who are currently considering a change in their diet.

Today we want to take a look at how well green smoothies are suited for a diet – and not only that: We also show you what you have to watch out for in a Green Smoothie recipe to lose weight so that you don’t end up with a hidden calorie bomb in the blender.


Green smoothies to lose weight?

Yes, this combination is not only a good idea at first glance, because the green smoothies are just as healthy as they appear at first glance. A green smoothie can help to meet the daily needs of a diet by reducing the amount of nutrients that are available in a diet due to reduced food intake.

And that’s not all: When a high proportion of vegetables is used, the calorie content of smoothies decreases noticeably – in this way, a meal can be replaced by a low-calorie drink that is also highly saturated due to the high content of ballast and nutrients.

And the best thing about it: Green smoothies are prepared with the right blender within a few minutes – just select the ingredients, put them into the mixer and mix them thoroughly, and an energetic breakfast is ready.


The right ingredients are crucial

Of course, not every smoothie is suitable for slimming, some combinations are even known as calorie bombs. Green smoothies stand out at this point because their higher percentage of vegetables means that the calorie content is lower than that of pure fruit smoothies.

Nevertheless, some ingredients should be avoided. These include any industrial sugar that has no place in a smoothie. If you want to mix a green smoothie for slimming, you should also avoid sweeteners such as honey or syrup.

On the other hand, ripe bananas, dates and other very ripe fruits can provide sweetness – so that every smoothie can be made tasty without additional sweeteners. If you like it especially sweet, you can help with some stevia.


Easy Rule : More vegetables, fewer calories

Of course, not only sweeteners, but also the fruits themselves already bring enough energy into the green smoothie – so that this does not take over, the percentage of leafy vegetables should be especially high. As a rule of thumb, a smoothie should not contain more than a third of the volume of fruit for weight loss.

And there are also other tricks to save calories: Water should be used as a liquid, for example, because this saves a lot of energy compared to fruit juices, plant milk and other options.

When choosing fruit and vegetables, care should be taken to ensure that rather low-calorie plants are selected. Avocados, for example, are very fatty and should therefore only be processed in small quantities, whereas lettuce can be added at will.


Green smoothies and healthy nutrition for lasting consumer success

Of course, drinking a green smoothies every day won’t make you lose your pounds, because of course the diet is crucial throughout the day. Green smoothies as a snack and nutrient supplier can definitely help you achieve your long-term dietary goals.

It is important that you only pay attention to the right composition of smoothies: Avoid fatty and highly sugary fruit and vegetables, rely on a high proportion of green leafy vegetables and water as a liquid.

If you take this advice to heart, you will supply your body with a real vitamin bomb, provide a strong feeling of satiety and at the same time save calories – the perfect conditions for long-term consumer success without a yo-yo effect!